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Soy chileno, tengo 17, me gustan RHCP, toco el bajo, me gustan los juegos, los comics, leer y todo lo freak y geek
I'm chilean, 17 years old, I like RHCP, I play the bass, I love the games, comics, read and all freak/geek stuffs

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Cute Mario Kart racer GIFs ⊟

Here’s a non-animated Koopa one, too. These are all courtesy of Paper Beats Scissors, which post a lot of great comics and adorable video game tribute GIFs/sketches — very much worth a follow!

If you open up a bunch of browser windows and load one of these GIFs in each, you can line them up and move them around, pretending their racing and passing each other while making your own sound effects. Great way to spend your afternoon, or get fired after you’re caught goofing off at work.

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Biggest plot twist ever.


Being good to each other is so important, guys.